Hungarian Roma seeks victory in Eurovision with his ethnic song
Hungarian singer, rapper and guitar player Joci Papai worthy represented his country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. The song “Origo”, which the performer showed on May 11 in Kiev in the second semifinal, did not leave the audience indifferent and it helped the singer to be in the final of the contest.
Jozi performed the song in Hungarian language to preserve the national style presented in it. The singer is determined to win, and he strives to win the 1 place in the final of the competition.

This is his first visit to Ukraine; he is for the first time in Kiev. Joci says that this a very beautiful city, beyond his expectations. The singer was surprised by many things – the delightful scenery, the architecture of the city, good tasty food and wonderful, kind people.
Joci Papai was born in a big gypsy family, and looking at his older brother and father, who were engaged in music, he began to write songs in an early age and to play guitar. Joci plaid musical instruments since the age of four and he knew all his life that music was his destiny.
The boy was influenced for a long time by the music of the 1960s and 1970s, he tried himself in different genres of music: Rep, Pop, Rock, Soul, R & B.
He always liked different kind of music, but before writing the song “Origo”, which he performed in Ukraine, he decided to move away from all styles and to create something original. So the singer and musician used ethnic motives in his composition.
With this song in 2016 Joci took part in the national “A Dal” selection and among the other 30 contenders he had won the right to travel to Kiev.
By the way, it should be noted that the national selection of contestants for Eurovision in Hungary is the biggest musical event in the country, in which many musicians participate and it is very difficult to win. The selection for Eurovision is one of the most prestigious music shows in Hungary and it takes place on the Hungarian MTV channel.

According to the singer, his song “Origo” has many different meanings, and one of the main messages is that one should never lose hope and in any case give up the dream and constantly believe in it. The second part of the song is Rap that sounds like talking to God, where Joci asks God, how can it be that God gave him the great talent, he plays music since the age of 4, but he still cannot succeed on the musical Field? Joci also analyzes in this composition his inner conflict with the Almighty. The third layer of the song is unrequited love. Joci is Roma and he was in love with a white girl but the society condemned their feelings. The singer with the help of this song expresses his pain and misunderstanding of relatives, with whom he and his beloved had to face.
For several days during the Eurovision Joci made 4 participant friends who, in his opinion, share the life values of the singer. The musician liked the technical equipment of the main stage, he was delighted with the organization of the Eurovision contest in Kiev which is held at the high level.
– Music is a huge platform, huge channel that unites people. With its help, people do not even need to communicate in one language, because music more and better conveys emotions from one person to another. I believe that music is the best way to convey human emotions, says Joci Papai.

In the final part of the song contest, the Hungarian singer took the 8th place, having total 200 points.The winner of Eurovision-2017 is Salvador Sobral from Portugal. He had 758 points. The second place was taken by the Bulgarian singer Christian Kostov with 615 points.