The seventh edition will revolve around the concept of Malbec as the heart of Argentina. Transformed into the motor for the most daring innovations, Malbec has given the country’s winemaking industry a booming character during the last twenty years. Malbec is not just a wine. It is a fruit that generates work, individuality, culture and development. Each bottle is a declaration of what sets Argentina apart. Each bottle speaks of the hands, the dexterity and the soul of our men. This varietal expresses a way of doing things, a way of life; it involves technique, originality and passion. The deepest wines are born of the deepest longings of their peoples, those who reside in the heart. Malbec is the heart of our industry and continues to be our global ambassador. With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentine and the Argentine Wine Corporation our flagship grape will be honoured in the major cities of the world. As with every edition, a rich agenda is foreseen which will include conceptual activities for consumers, wine fairs for press and trade, talks from experts, tastings and promotions in wine bars and restaurants.


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Mr. Alberto Jose Alonso, Ambassador an Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Argentina to Ukraine